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About us

I started Open Aperture Video Production in 2010 born out of my passion for telling stories through videography. I left my over 20 year career in corporate hospitality to follow my dreams.  It was scary and exciting in the begining and I could have never been ready for what was in store. The country was trying to climb out of the reccesion yet I decided to start a new career. Seemed crazy enough that it just might work! It wasn't easy and times got slim and I sacrificed a lot. I'd sometimes wonder if I'd made the right choice in dedicating my life to storytelling. Just something inside would not let me quit and go back to my old stuffy job. I can look back with complete gratitude and look toward the future with great optimism. I made the right choice and I have so many more great people to share creative visions with. Celebrate succesful marketing campaigns together and capture amazing events. We are cinematic storytellers and we would love an opportunity to tell your story. Reach out to me directly scott@openaperturevideo.com or please give me a call. Meetings are by appointment only. I am eager to put my experience and knowledge to work for your business, brand, product or event.